There were various wars between the Kingdom of Urdu and the Kingdom of Balastrad.

War of Avery FieldsEdit

One of the most catastrophic wars was the War of Avery Fields.

Two neighboring farmers, one Urdain, the other Balastradian, feuded over the fruits of a nearby tree. The feud ended with the Balastradian farmer killed, and the Urdain driven off his land. From there, the conflict escalated until both kingdoms charged headlong into war.
(It was a) twenty-year war between the kingdoms of Balastrade and Urdu. Said to have escalated from a simple feud between two neighbouring farmers. Ended catastrophically at the Battle of Timion Vale, where both nations' armies were all but wiped out with no winner.
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

Battle of Timion ValeEdit

Timion Vale was the site of the last battle during the War of Avery Fields.

The War of Avery Fields' final battle. The Balastradian army, led by Lord General Daldren Gray, held the line against Sir Tarvis Malderion and his advancing Urdain troops. After ten days and nights, the battle ended in abrupt catastrophe, when the Flames of Judgment destroyed the battlefield.
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

The feud between both farmers was just an excuse to start a war over the fields, since those were years of great famine and little resources, but in the end it was the war that really left both countries with nothing but a high death count, which led to a equally high amount of orphanaged children, like Tobias, Luce and Connor.

Treaty of Timion ValeEdit

After the Flames of Judgment destroyed Timion Vale and both armies with it, King Everett II of Balastrade met with King Rannak of Urdu on the ruined battlefield of Timion Vale, there to sign a truce between the two nations.

Writ of RestorationEdit

Following the War of Avery Fields, King Everett II drafted the Writ of Restoration as a public works project, financing a kingdomwide program to house and teach the war's many orphans. The Writ draws its name from the Church of Restoration, whose pastors spearheaded the program."
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

War of Daldren GrayEdit

The main event occurring in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. After the War of Avery Fields, the tension between both countries is as harsh as ever.

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