Vandal Hearts (ヴァンダルハーツ Vandaruhātsu?) is the eponymous sword of the Vandal Hearts game series. In each incarnation of the series, the blade is a legendary weapon capable of great power and destruction.

Vandal Hearts Edit

In the first game, Vandal Heart is a sword with supernatural powers, given to Ash Lambert to fight the Flames of Judgment new arrival. It's found trapped in some ancient Biruni ruins, and only a Biruni can release it.
Vandal Heart is not a weapon just anyone can hold, and it can turn into a crazy slayer those who lack self-confidence and/or a pure heart. Another reason why it's so dangerous, is because Vandal Heart absorbs the souls of those killed by its edge, and slowly absorbs the soul of its holder as well.

Vandal Hearts IIEdit

In the second of the game series, the Vandal Hearts can only be obtained through an optional sidequest. After unearthing seven prisms hidden across the world, the player visits the Lugusta Ruins where a hologram of St. Nirvath explains the true Story of Creation. Nirvath was bestowed with the Vandal Hearts by an envoy from another world in order to cleanse the world from the epidemic caused by the The LifeTree Project. The sword is then left to Joshua as Nivarth's legacy.

Vandal Hearts: Flames of JudgmentEdit

In the third game, the Vandal Heart is re-forged by Terrence Bergen from Tobias's father sword using the green crystal materials found in the Astral World, or as they call it in this game, "Purgatory". However, at first you can't use it to fight and is only useful to open the gate to the Purgatory. Later in the game, apparently due to Toroah's intervention, it turns into the actual Vandal Heart with all its usual powers.
According to the Vandal Hearts: FOJ in-game encyclopedia: "Project Vandal Hearts is the codename for a secret Biruni research project, aimed at harnessing the Flames of Judgment to forge a sword said to open Heaven. Since the Flames use dying souls as fuel, chief researcher Dumas sponsored Daldren Gray's war, persuading him to use the Flames as his primary weapon."
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