Vandal Hearts is a series of Tactical RPG videogames, with three installments already:


Unlike it happens in other videogames sagas, all three games in the Vandal Hearts series occur in the same fictional world and are related.

The events in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment are, chronologically, the first ones to take place, even though it was the third installment in the series; after those come the events in the original Vandal Hearts, and after those, the events in Vandal Hearts II.

In the case of the first and third game, both take place in Sostegaria but there is a 1000 years gap in between, and during that time some of the continent's nations and locations changed. Vandal Hearts II is said to occur some time in the future, but we do not know when exactly due to the change in the way they used to count years, centuries and eras: in the first and third game, they are counting adding "AT" -After Toroah- to the ending of the dates (for instace, 1254 AT) while in Vandal Hearts II they say "In the Holy Year 986...", the Holy Years starting after the death of St.Nirvah, but we don't know when he actually died.

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