The Republic of Ishtaria is a location in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment.

A large kingdom in the heart of the Sostegarian continent. Known for its broad and diverse population, and once known for its fertile farmlands. Badly crippled after its twenty-year war with Urdu, the nation has struggled to recover ever since
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

The Republic of Ishtaria is a vast country in the heart of the Sostegarian continent. It used to be the Kingdom of Balastrade and was ruled by the Holy Asha Dynasty until The Revolution overthrew the Dynasty and turned the country into the Republic of Ishtaria. Shumeria remained the capital city.

For over a millenium, after Toroah the Messiah spread his teachings around the world, not only the Kingdom of Balastrade but also other nations of Sostegaria were ruled by the Holy Asha Dynasty, whose kings and queens were supposed to be descendants of Toroah and to rule by his teachings. The Asha, ruling through a combination of religious doctrine and military power for over 1000 years already, but not always wisely or justly, became corrupt to the point that the citizen, lead by Arris the Sage under the name of "Liberation Army", started a revolution in the year 1239 AT, which lead to the destruction of the monarchy and started the 1st Republic of Ishtaria. In the year 1254 AT, the autocratic Minister of Defense of Ishtaria, Hel Spites, supported by Dolf Crowley and others, took by force the lead of the now weak Republic and declared himself Emperor, ruling with an absolutist regime. Four years later, the New Liberation Army, lead by Clive Beckett and supported by Ash Lambert and company, destroyed the Empire and Ishtaria became a republic again.

All over its history, Balastrade have been in tense terms with the southern neighbor country of Urdu, tension that lead to many wars between them

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