Grog Drinkwater is a character in Vandal Hearts. Noted for his powerful battle cry, he becomes a strong and helpful ally to Ash Lambert.


Grog is confronted by Ash and the party, in Port City Minato, after the local Barkeep explains his excessive drinking habits. Before he join the party, Ash must defeat the monster in the Sand Dunes of Sea.

Character ClassEdit

Grog begins as a basic Soldier class, similar to Clint Picard, but comes with a special ability of Yelling. This ability only gives him the ability to yell before hitting someone, but nonetheless becomes a key component to the party. An effective strategy at this stage is to make sure Grog hits as many people as possible, to ensure that his Yell is used frequently. At level 10, he can advance to a Swordsman class or the Gaurdsman class. At Level 20, he can also advance.

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