Gradius is a sword which appears in Vandal Hearts II.

Description[edit | edit source]

This sword is a cameo reference to the Gradius series. It have the appearance of Vic Viper, and when used in battle, it have a special attack, Ripple Laser, which summon Vic Viper who strike all the enemies in the same line formation. It is unknown what is the trigger to get the sword, but the sword is available at one of the shop for the price of 57 300 golds, which is precisely the same default high score value of most of Gradius, Parodius games and a couple of TwinBee games.

Streamer A_German_Spy discovered that it may require a save file from Konami Game "PoliceNauts" in order to unlock the Gradius in shops. This is difficult to test,as PoliceNauts did not release in the US.

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