Gillbaris Island is a location in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. It is a small, inhospitable island on the Gadar Sea. Said to have been the impact site for the Magic Stone that brought the Flames of Judgment.

There is only one inhabited town in the whole island used as port to access the island, and the rest of the place is plagued with ancient artifacts and ruins, making it a dangerous location where not many step but of which many tell myths and legends.


Gillbaris Ark / FortressEdit

Ancient ruins that used to guard the Magic Stone. The marks and ancient art in them resemble those found in Torog Mountains, where the Ancient Biruni Empire used to be.

Gillbaris Researching FacilityEdit

In the year 308 AT, a researching facility was put to work in the island under Dumas. Liana Talbot and Bergen used to be part of his team. They discovered and studied what was later called the Magic Stone, as well as a gate to the Astral World (named 'Purgatory' at first) and created various soul-extracting weapons like Vandal Heart and Caliburn. There were robots and other advanced technology in the facilities.

Gillbaris GardensEdit

The Gillbaris Gardens were once a legendary place of beauty. It is said they were originally constructed prior to the time of the Gatekeepers, and left in their care. Few ever are lucky enough to gaze upon them in their lifetime. Many believe they disappeared when the Flames of Judgment fell from the sky.
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

Gillbaris Gardens is one of the secret optional maps you can play in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. When Tobias and his group visit the gardens, they are full of small robots who take care of them, and who also act as guardians, attacking any intruders.


Scarlet Plague incidentEdit

A year into the Plague, rumors spread that a cure had been discovered on a remote island in the Gadar Sea. Those who joined an expedition to the island, including Remelia Martin, were never seen again, reported to have been lost at sea.
-Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ingame encyclopedia

The cure rumor was just a way to attract some new subjects to the Gillbaris Researching Facilities of Dumas, for Bergen and Liana to continue with Project Vandal Heart.

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