In Vandal Hearts II there are multiple endings which are decided by certain choices available at key points of the game. These will only affect Joshua's scenario, whereas the default ending and outcomes of the supporting characters remain unchanged.

Default EndingEdit

Twin Empire and Vernantze fight over Nirvadia after the collapse of the church.
Archeo rebels for independence within the Twin Empire.
Chancellor Vitzel of Vernantze is assassinated, bringing civil war to the nation.
Natra falls into a civil war that lasts seven years.
Baron Pratau - His diplomacy and valor helped quell the civil war, but he was later assassinated by a terrorist.
Lira - Devoted her life to aiding refugees and war orphans, before marrying a promising young artist.
Pike - Became a successful entrepreneur until he gambled it all away. He was redeemed by his wife Maria.
Maria - She married Pike and suffered great hardship, but her hard work eventually succeeded. Died at a ripe old age.
Hammet - Continued his revenge against the Kudur Cult, until his heart was changed by a young orphan he adopted.
Vlad - Helped to stop the Natra civil war and returned home to led an uprising against the oppressive Vernantze government.
Gilti - Went onto become a famous bard and enjoyed a successful family life, until he mysteriously disappeared on a journey.
Agress - Disappeared after the final battle but was rumored to have helped conquered the Eastern Continent.