Clint Picard, known as Keith Bardeaux (キース ・バルドー Kīsu Barudō?) in the Japanese version, is a character in Vandal Hearts. He is 24 years old at the beginning of the game, 27 when he is reunited with Ash and the others in the middle of the game, and 28 at the end of the game.

Clint is a fellow soldier and friend of Ash. Unlike his brash companion Diego, Clint is a very calm, level-headed individual. Being very well-informed of current events, Clint is possesses a keen mind and is usually the first to put events together and understand the their "true" effects and impacts.

Awhile back, Clint's lover was murdered infront of his eyes. The killer was a man who had a grudge against Clint. Unable to stop it, this event left him feeling powerless and weak. As a result, he worries often at others' reckless streaks.

During the course of events, when Ash is thrown into a time void by Dolf, Clint along with the rest of Ash's allies is taken prisoner by Hel Spites. He is held prison until Kira has a change of heart and helps him break free.

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